Target Audience

Target Audience

Who should you sell Peppertype to?

Your ideal affiliate customer is someone who has the potential to make money through utilizing Peppertype.
It will be easier to sell to people who are able to clearly see an ROI from their Peppertype subscription and they are also very likely to be retained for a longer period.

An ideal profile of your customer can look either of like these:

  • People who make money from the content they create.
  • People who understand the value of content in the growth of their brand.
  • People who write a lot on a daily basis.
  • People who are required to come up with new, and creative ideas regularly.

Peppertype customers consist of these, today:

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Content Creators

Bid adieu to writer’s block and keep creativity flowing. Choose from a variety of generated content pieces.


Turbocharge your team’s creativity and never run out of ideas. Impress your clients with

SEO Experts

Make sure you rank your website while we feed you with some exciting blog ideas! Choose from a diverse set of options.


Your one-person show could use some content support. We’re your partners in content creation

Marketing Teams

From social media managers to digital marketers, consider us a buddy. Experiment with unlimited choices using Peppertype.

Product Managers

Fix that bug on your product while we take care of the user-friendly copy that needs to go on it!

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